Packing like a Pro

Baggage Fees for checked luggage can add up quickly, and let’s be honest…who wants to haul around a giant suitcase during your vacation?  Follow some of the tips below to increase the amount of space you have available in your carry-on luggage and avoid having to pay those hefty fees for larger checked baggage.

  1.      Roll up your clothes.  This may sound a bit odd, but it is a huge space saver.  You can easily double the amount of clothing you are able to take with you if you abide by this simple rule.
  2.      Pick one color scheme.  By picking one color scheme for your outfits, you will be able to easily mix and match items.  Not to mention, you can cut down on the amount of shoes you have to bring with you, since everything will ultimately match.
  3.       Pack clothes that are up for donation.  Prior to a trip, raid your closet for items you no longer wear and instead of donating them, opt to pack these pieces.  You can then slowly discard the clothing as you are traveling, which will essentially allow for extra space in your suitcase to pack souvenirs and anything else you might pick up along the way.
  4.       Use shoes for additional storage.  Many people do not think to do this; however, if you are packing a pair of tennis shoes, roll up your socks (or anything else that might fit) and stuff them into the shoes to save on space.
  5.        Pack an extra canvas/duffle bag.  The idea here is to separate dirty clothes from clean clothes.  As you wear your clothes, re-roll them and place them in the extra bag to keep them separate and apart from the clean clothes.  It also does not hurt to pack a dryer sheet to throw in this bag to keep items smelling somewhat fresh.
  6.         Invest in a handheld luggage scale.  This might not seem like a crucial item to purchase; however, it can save you a ton of money if it allows you to avoid having to check your luggage when fees are applicable.  By having the ability to weigh your luggage in advance of arriving to the airport, you can possibly re-distribute luggage (for example: move a few items to a backpack that you are using as a personal item) or opt to throw on that heavier pair of shoes, which might be tipping the scale, in an effort to prevent you from having to check your baggage.

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