Why Google Flights is your New Best Friend

I often get the question of where do I go to find cheap flights.  I usually search on a few main sites, but I always come back to Google Flights.  The software Google Flights utilizes is very similar to what many travel agents use today, and it is revolutionizing the way the layman books flights in an attempt to save money.  So what makes it so special?

  1. Tracking Flights.  Google Flights now allows you to track flight prices.  Why does this matter?  This method will allow you to watch the flight trends on a graph to ensure you do not book a flight that is on the higher end of the fare spectrum. tracking 2.JPG
  2. Customization.  Google Flights will allow you to completely customize the flight you are looking for and then generate the lowest price based on your selected options.  For example, if you want a non-stop flight that leaves on a Friday after 6:00pm on a specific airline (American featured in the image), you can perform this search, and it will show you any and all available options.  customization.JPG
  3. Best time to fly.  This part essentially goes hand in hand with the customization component.   If you have a specific place you want to visit, but no hard timeline, you can use the calendar tool to observe which dates in the near future would be the most economical.  The green-colored prices highlight the lowest fares found by Google Flights based on your search components.calendar tool.JPG
  4. Tips.  Another marvelous Google Flights feature.  If you select a specific trip by entering the departure city, arrival city and dates, Google Flights might suggest a tip, such as a date tip.  Date tips will advise you as to the best dates to travel with respect to your search–by extending or shortening the trip.  As you can see with the example below, per the date tip, the airfare decreases significantly by traveling on Wednesday, May 3rd as opposed to Friday, May 5th and returning on Saturday, May 6th instead of Sunday, May 7th. datetip
  5. Exploring Destinations.  Hands down one of my favorite tools.  If you just want a weekend away, but you do not have any particular place in mind, this is the tool for you.  Simply insert your departure city and the dates in which what you want to travel, and then click the map found lower on the webpage that has the caption “Explore destinations.”  Google Flights will then show flight prices based on your search to various cities on the map.  exploring.JPG

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